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 Runcibal Quest Music :
Final Runcibal Quest 2001 Theme [5:08] (Final Mayday Mix) [Dolby Surround 5.1]

.AC3 file (16947K) 
Final Runcibal Quest 2001 Theme [5:08] (Final Mayday Mix)

  .WMA file (3663K)  .MP3 file (4815K) 
Runcibal Quest 2001 Theme [4:32] (Final Valentine Mix)
  .WMA file (4153K)  .MP3 file (7302K) 
Runcibal Quest 2001 Theme [4:32] (Transitional)
  .WMA file (3147K)  .MP3 file (4133K) 
Runcibal Quest Theme [1995] (Original FM version)
  .WMA file (3147K)  .MP3 file (2067K) 
 Other stuff by Tim :
Hellpipes [3:07] - I think I had this Scottish thing in my mind, but what turned out was rather frightening. (Guitar line from "Glasgow Girls" in Tascam Gigasampler 2.5, some vocals using same)
  .WMA file (2944K)  .MP3 file (2925K) 
Music To Sweat By [3:02] - A friend recently joined a health club, and I was inspired to produce this inspid drivel. Created several of the main sounds myself via various vectors.
  .WMA file (2883K)  .MP3 file (2852K) 
Spacey 1 [3:18]
  .WMA file (3320K)  .MP3 file (3284K) 
Would you like Fries with that? [3:40]
  .WMA file (2609K)  .MP3 file (4299K) 
Dark & Stormy Night
  .WMA file (2743K)  .MP3 file (3606K) 
Runcy in the Lounge Techno? Jazz? Elevator music?.
  .WMA file (3152K)  .MP3 file (3130K) 
Runcy's Sister Onstage Minimalist industrial techno operetta.
  .WMA file (3572K)  .MP3 file (3533K) 
Chile POTS - My first taste of ACID - I spent more time getting the telco samples and setting stereo pan than actually making it sound good.
  .WMA file (2342K)  .MP3 file (3088K) 
 Borrowed/ Arranged/ Adapted :
Gleensleeves (modern)
  .WMA file (3019K)  .MP3 file (2989K) 
Carol of The Bells
  .WMA file (2959K)  .MP3 file (2935K) 
I may have to remove this until after Xmas - it's generating most of the traffic on my site - THW 12/11/03
Let All Mortal Flesh From the "Hooked on Dirge" Album.
This is NOT the DjBobo song.
  .WMA file (4568K)  .MP3 file (6007K) 
Doctor Who #4 Build 2 Originally a nice .MOD file, I increased the speed, added some vocal samples in places and ran it through some EAX processing.
  .WMA file (2622K)  .MP3 file (3448K) 
 Anthems :
Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul - Ippolitov - Ivanov 06/29/03
With two basses
  .WMA file (2473K)  .MP3 file (2453K) 

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