Runcibal 2001
Theme Music

Musical Notes

  1. Originally a .CMF file
  2. I also made a WAV file of the original music
  3. I Finally encoded it into an .MP3 file
  4. WMA and MP3 completed for Final Mayday Mix
  5. 5.1 Surround Sound file generated.
    Details available!

Real Media Preview [sucks in quality]
Dolby Surround 5.1 Download the .AC3 file (16947K)(5:08) [ Final Mayday Version 04-29-01 Encoded 10/15/01]
Download the .MP3 file (4815K)(128kbps, 5:08) [ Final Mayday Version 04-29-01]
Download the .wma file (3663K)( 96kbps, 5:08) [ Final Mayday Version 04-29-01]
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