PC Mod Illustrated Part III -
The Lian Li case

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I was building a new PC. We started by picking out a black Lian Li aluminum case.
MB CPU Fan Grill Cut
This was the original motherboard.
It's been replaced since.
Chrome & Copper - Would also look
good on a motorbike.
The standard rear fan grill had to go.
New Grille Connect cables More wires
With the new fan cover. Connect some cables. More Wires. The black capsule thing
is a temp sensor. The blue box keeps
the CPU fan going after power-down.
4 Hard Drives
Wires detail Afix EL cable. Afix badge
Details of wiring. Afix Electro-Luminescent cable. Remove case badge.
Drill hole
Afix E.L. badge kit.
Outside Power, E.L. cable E.L. cable & badge
Outside case, switches & floppy.
DVD-R burner.
No DVD or CD-R/RW yet.
Power light & EL cable.
What does it spell?
E.L. Cable & E.L. badge
Side, large red light Side, in desk, UV Light Side, in desk, fan only
Side view, long red
cold-catheter light only
Side view (mirror), in desk
UV Light & tr-color fan light
Side view (mirror), in desk
Fan only. Yes, that is a
green strobe on the side
Front, in desk, no Light Wiring under desk
Front view, in desk
Digital Thermometer.
Top blowhole just visible
Wiring under desk.
Two UPS, two USB Hubs,
Firewall, cable modem

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