PC Mod Illustrated Part II -
Badge light

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I found a badge kit at AMKcomputer.com, but unfortunately they've stopped taking web orders. Pcmods.com also has a badge light kit, I Think, but their is round, so not much use!
Kits Light Block (1) Light Block (2)
The plastic block for the lights, with a dual HD power LED kit (Red), and dual Power LED kit (white) The block had just brown paper backing, so I glued on some aluminium foil for reflectivity. The aluminium foil goes around the sides.
With Hole Remove old LEDs Remove old LEDs
I drilled another hole because I wanted two LEDs to fit in. Then, remove the old LEDs from the front panel Cut the hole using a utility knife. You have to cut over, do it on the inside.
Both LEDs On Power LED only
With both LEDs on. With Power LED only.
Messy Tape!
While I had the case open, I put in a NIC an a new Midiman/MAudio Audiophile 2496.
The wiring is even messier due to second USB hub
My Logitech speakers (front) have a nice bright blue LED. Too bright for nightime gaming! Simply cover it over with electrical tape and poke a hole to let a pinprick of blue out..

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