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Kawonk Disk Free Windows utility showing free space on drives, folder charts, SMART info, more!
Dor.exe (DOS command-line utility)
Runcibal Quest 2.0 (Text-based adventure game)
Runcibal 2001 (Windows version of Runcibal Quest)
DateCalc - A calender-type program for calculating number of business days from a certain date. Useful for shipping. Supports U.S. State holidays, and Bank Holidays for Great Britain
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The following is Free:
Windows 2000 Alternate Start-up screen  NEW!
Internet Set Time
Tridraw2 (DOS)
Tridraw32 (Win32)

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Use your internet connection to set your PC to the correct time.
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
Normal Setup(1441K) or If you already have Other VB 6 apps Installed(301K)
New .EXE[13K] if yours was previous to 11/10/01. (copy over the original)

Tridraw2 is a quick DOS-based thing to draw a Sierpinski Triangle (or Gasket)., Then it fills in a pattern. Example of recursion. -->May crash Win98 machines<--
tridraw2.exe(35K) or (25K)

Tridraw32 is a quick thingy to draw a Sierpinski Triangle (or Gasket)., Example of recursion.
tridraw32.exe(20K) or (4K)

Winboot is a DOS-based applet. Stick it in your AUTOEXEC.BAT to display "diagnostic messages" (such as "Setup is quietly destroying valuable data") Several different messages possible. when booting your Windows 9x machine. Harmless. Customize to your Windows version! accepts /95 /98 and /SE switches on the command line.
winboot.exe(29K) or (21K)

Running Windows 2000 but feel left behind by XP? don't worry, make it look like you're running .Net Server, which doesn't even exist yet! . Simply download this, unzip it, and copy it in safe mode to \WINNT\SYSTEM32. K)

A  modified skin for the PalmOS emulator - keeps you awake. Just edit your .skin file to point to it.

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