The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke



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Introduction by George Edward Woodberry Unformatted
Biographical note by Margaret Lavington Unformatted

Poems in memory of Rupert Brooke by his contemporaries:

Joyce Kilmer, 1917 Unformatted
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, 1916. Unformatted
Eden Phillpotts, from 'Plain Song, 1914-1916' Unformatted


Second Best Unformatted
Day That I Have Loved Unformatted
Sleeping Out: Full Moon Unformatted
In Examination Unformatted
Pine-Trees and the Sky: Evening Unformatted
Wagner Unformatted
The Vision of the Archangels Unformatted
Seaside Unformatted
On the Death of Smet-Smet, the
The Song of the Pilgrims Unformatted
The Song of the Beasts Unformatted
Failure Unformatted
Ante Aram Unformatted
Dawn Unformatted
The Call Unformatted
The Wayfarers Unformatted
The Beginning Unformatted


Sonnet: "Oh! Death will find me, long before I tire" Unformatted
Sonnet: "I said I splendidly loved you; it's not true" Unformatted
Success Unformatted
Dust Unformatted
Kindliness Unformatted
Mummia Unformatted
The Fish Unformatted
Thoughts on the Shape of the Human Body Unformatted
Flight Unformatted
The Hill Unformatted
The One Before the Last Unformatted
The Jolly Company Unformatted
The Life Beyond Unformatted
Lines Written in the Belief That the Ancient
  Roman Festival of the Dead Was Called Ambarvalia
Dead Men's Love Unformatted
Town and Country Unformatted
Paralysis Unformatted
Menelaus and Helen Unformatted
Libido Unformatted
Jealousy Unformatted
Blue Evening Unformatted
The Charm Unformatted
Finding Unformatted
Song Unformatted
The Voice Unformatted
Dining-Room Tea Unformatted
The Goddess in the Wood Unformatted
A Channel Passage Unformatted
Victory Unformatted
Day and Night Unformatted


Choriambics -- I Unformatted
Choriambics -- II Unformatted
Desertion Unformatted


1914 Unformatted
  1. Peace
  2. Safety
  3. The Dead
  4. The Dead
  5. The Soldier
The Treasure

The South Seas

Tiare Tahiti Unformatted
Retrospect Unformatted
The Great Lover Unformatted
Heaven Unformatted
Doubts Unformatted
There's Wisdom in Women Unformatted
He Wonders Whether to Praise or to Blame Her Unformatted
A Memory (From a sonnet-sequence) Unformatted
One Day Unformatted
Waikiki Unformatted
Hauntings Unformatted
Sonnet Unformatted
Clouds Unformatted
Mutability Unformatted

Other Poems

The Busy Heart Unformatted
Love Unformatted
Unfortunate Unformatted
The Chilterns Unformatted
Home Unformatted
The Night Journey Unformatted
Song Unformatted
Beauty and Beauty Unformatted
The Way That Lovers Use Unformatted
Mary and Gabriel Unformatted
The Funeral of Youth: Threnody Unformatted


The Old Vicarage, Grantchester Unformatted

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