Section B

Forty-Eight Days In:

Amazing how the crew still crave nicotine after this time - well, some of them anyway. Of course, they all know what smoking would do to the oxygen supply. An uneventful shift today (Today? It's really mostly yesterday, and some of tomorrow - it's strange when the days slip out of sync with UST. Reminds me of all those weird experiments in that book I read.

    In fact, hasn't this sort of isolation thing been done before? I'm sure I remember when I was younger it used to be dark when I slept. Whoever scheduled our meal breaks, I've got a bone to pick with them! I don't want to eat four hours into my sleeptime, but that's when the doors open momentarily and the System delivers it sacks.)

    It would be nice if the temperature could vary. I'm sure back in Houston it's summertime and people go sunbathing. Then again, it rains, too. Must remember next time I go to Records & Procedure Storage to look up the part about unauthorized computer use and its penalties.

    A few weeks and Will gets to go home; the rest of us will still be here, of course, but staggering arrivals and departures and basing the duration on previous experience is the System, and we're stuck with it. At least the others have a chance to transfer somewhere else - though the System seems to arbitrarily determine when and where - you don't know until the voice comes over the speaker - then the card copy card verifies it, and you have to pack all your personal stuff (if allowed) and prepare for transport.

    What's more amazing still is the people of the System who guide the Decisions - I'm sure some of them are brain-dead, but they have had training and experience concerning Decisions - I'm just here for a while and get to move on in a few months - those poor souls have devoted their lives to Decisions.

(C)1999 Timothy Ward

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