Wisbech 1993

Wisbech is in the east of England and is known as the "Capital of the Fens". It's a small market town of about 10,000 near Peterborough. Originally spelled "Wysbeach", it used to be on the coast.
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The Old Grammar School, seen from Queen's Road
This 18th century home of Henry James Nichols was bought by the Grammar School in 1898
Old Grammar School (Closeup)
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The Market Place
Dating back probably 1000 years, the Market Place has been the centre of commerce for Wisbech.
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Looking across to Queen's Road
This parking lot is recent, the Queen's Girl School used to be here. In the background can be seen the tower of Spiller's pet food factory.
The Clarkson Memorial
Thomas Clarkson was a pioneer of investigative journalism, and a fierce proponent for the abolishion of slavery in Britain.
St. Peter's Bell Tower The Crescent
(with the parish church of St. Peter's in background)
The Post Office
Build in 1886, opened 1887
Up to the Post Office

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