EuroTrip 2002

Seven Days in the Western Med...
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All Photos Copyright (C) 2002 Tim Ward. These pictures are not public domain. You may not use them without permisssion
Gaudi's work, Barcelona Gaudi's work, Barcelona [JPG - 201K]
Gaudi's work, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain The Dragon at the park
Street Corner, Barcelona, [JPEG - 168K] Stadium, Barcelona [JPEG - 88K]
A Street "Corner" in Barcelona at night Entrance to the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona
Grand Casino, Monte Carlo [JPEG 122K] Pisa [JPEG 119K]
The Grand Casino in Monte Carlo Pisa, of course
Pompeii [JPEG 100K] Prefab Monument [JPG 964K]
Ruins of Pompeii. Prefab Monument, Rome - I was lucky enough to see them installing a new "ancient monument."
They're sent from Asia in a carton depicting the product. Seen several places in Italy.
Cathedral at Mosta, Malta [JPEG 89K] Sunset on Malta [JPEG 115K]
Cathedral at Mosta, Malta Sunset at Malta (yes, more sunsets...)

I wasn't going to upload all my pictures, because the 200+ shots take over 550 M of disk space at full resolution, (that's about 100M at the resolution I'm giving you)

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