BritTour03 : September 6th - September 17th

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All Photos Copyright (C) 2003 Tim Ward. These pictures are not public domain. You may not use them without permisssion
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Evening Sky over Wisbech View down the River Nene, Wisbech
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Dancers at the Wisbech Folk Fayre More Dancers!
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The High Street, Wisbech A rose in our garden
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Britons on the Beach The promenade by the fair
King's Lynn and Sandringham
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King's Lynn Memorial, Sandringham House
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King's College Chapel The River Cam
The Humber Bridge
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Yes, it's longer than the Golden Gate
Rugby School
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The Close, with the Chapel in the background The New Quad
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School Field House The Plaque
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The Chapel
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The Horse Guard Pigeon Man
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Picadilly Circus - Eros Trafalgar Square - Fountain
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Buckingham Palace The Changing of the Guard
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The Changing of the Guard Southwark Cathedral
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The Thames Houses of Parliament
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Millenium Bridge Tower Bridge
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Tower of London Tower of London
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Streets at night Mounted Police
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London Skyline Chinatown

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